building demapack
Demapack is a family business with a rich tradition, led by Lieven en Nele De Meulenaere.

Added value through ready-to-use products

Demapack is a specialist in processing and distribution of paper types for industrial applications. Both on roll and size, printed or unprinted. We also do custom work and contract work.

Our specialty? Slittingrewinding and sheet cutting of almost every type of paper with various applications in the most diverse sectors.

Our family business continued to invest in quality and modern machinery in recent years. We have been the expert in Flanders for more complex assignments for decades thanks to our high qualit requirements and low machine tolerances.

Integral control over the production process

As a family company, we have full control over the production process. Everything goes through our own hands. Thanks to our stable paper and cut quality you are always sure of a worry-free purchase.

Lieven & Nele De Meulenaere
Lieven & Nele De Meulenaere

Expert in paper for the food sector

Demapack uses strict BRC procedures for products that are intended for the food sector. Your guarantee of accuracy, hygiene and a thorough quality control. We also apply these procedures when processing technical paper for packaging or subcontracting.


The road from De Meulenaere Octave bvba to Demapack in 2017 is a story of innovation and modernization. Even though the spirit of that time has not completely disappeared. Until today we still work with one authentic machine form that time named after our grandfather Henri. Indestructible!