Masking paper is mainly used in the automotive sector as protective paper when spraying the cars.

Masking paper: protector against paint

Masking paper is a handy paper for various masking jobs. The paint does not stick to the paper due to its excellent protection properties and absorption capacity. The paper does not leak under normal conditions.

This type of paper is used to protect parts of vehicles or other objects against paint. The paper selection depends on the specific application.

There are 3 types of this paper

  • Paper of 50 gr/m²: light brown color and unlined.
  • Paper of 40 gr/m²: brown kraft paper that has been treated extra to obtain a more closed surface.
  • Delta paper 62 gr/m²: glossy white or yellow paper


Excellent protection
Does not leak under normal circumstances
3 types of paper

Technical specifications

Delta paper
Gram weight
40 gr/m²
50 gr/m²
62 gr/m²

Small roles

Food Approved

Masking paper used in:

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