An overview of our paper range non-food.

These papers are mainly used in the metal, construction, graphics and automotive sectors.

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Non-food paper

Roll cradles

Roll Cradle helps you stack and transport roles or other cylindrical products.

Kraft paper with PE-coating

Kraft paper with PE-coating is a robust paper with vapor and moisture resistant properties. Ideal for use with changing environmental conditions.

Silicone paper

Silicone paper has an one or two-sided silicone layer, as a result of which it repels glue and other materials.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is very soft making it ideal as protection for your vulnerable products.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper has a very rough surface. It ensures that the goods did not move properly.

Masking paper

Masking paper is mainly used in the automotive sector as protective paper when spraying the cars.

Schrenz paper

Schrenz paper is used as filling paper for packaging or as quick protection against paint or building damage.

Duplex cardboard

Duplex cardboard is white coated cardboard with a gray-cream colored back.

Bitumen paper

Bitumen paper is a moisture-resistant packaging paper that is often used in the industrial and maritime sector.
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Brown Kraft paper

Brown kraft paper or wrapping paper is a classic in our product range.

Corrugated cardboard

With corrugated cardboard you can go in all directions. Protection for floors or to pack sustainable material for transport.


Newspaper is not only cheap, but also easy to print. Ideal for publishers.