Schrenz paper is used as filling paper for packaging or as quick protection against paint or building damage.

Schrenz paper: environmentally friendly and polyvalent

Schrenz paper can often be seen as protective paper or instert paper. This paper is a 100% recycled paper type. As a result, the price is lower than compared to a pure paper type, such as pure kraft paper.

This environmentally friendly paper is the ideal product to fill the free space in your box. Your product will be protected during transport from A to B. It keeps your goods neatly in place and prevents damage during tranport.


Environmentally friendly
Sturdy and smooth
100% recycling

Technical specifications

Cover paper, recycling paper, protective paper
Gram weight
70 gr/m²
120 gr/m²
150 gr/m²

Small roles


or another format on demand.

Food Approved