Cristal paper is the ideal separation paper in the food industry. His smooth and neutral color makes him popular in the chocolate sector.

Cristal paper: the ideal separation paper

Cristal paper, also know as Glassine paper, is a high-quality product that can be used for multiple applications. This paper is mainly used in the food sector, where it is very popular in the chocolate industry.

Glassine paper is often used as a separating paper between the pralines in the production line or at the final packaging. Because of its luxurious look and smooth texture, it often ends up in the praline boxes. This paper has a very closed structure which makes it very sturdy and hard to tear. It is resistant to air, grease and moisture, so the product stays fresh longer.

We have three colors in our paper range.


Resistant against moisture
Resistant against fat
pH neutral

Technical specifications

glassine paper, pergamijn
Gram weight
41 gr/m²

Small roles
Sheets or another format on demand.

Food Approved