An overview of our paper assortment suitable for food.

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Food approved paper

Denapak or Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper is a moisture and grease-resistant paper. Ideal for the meat industry or industrial bakeries.

Baking paper

Baking paper is a treated paper that ensures that food does not stick to the baking sheet or cake pan.
White Meatsaver paper with pancetta

Meatsaver paper

Meatsaver paper or "Meat paper" is an essential product for the meat industry. They retain their red color and stay fresh longer thanks to this paper.

Wax paper

Wax paper or 'paraffin paper' is water and grease repellent and is used in the most diverse sectors. From the food industry to the metal industry.

White kraft paper

White kraft paper or sulphite paper mainly offers an esthetic added value compared to brown kraft paper. An undeniable plus for the textile or food industry.
Bruin kraftpapier bestellen of kopen

Brown Kraft paper

Brown kraft paper or wrapping paper is a classic in our product range.

Cristal paper

Cristal paper is the ideal separation paper in the food industry. His smooth and neutral color makes him popular in the chocolate sector.

Paper cushion pads

Paper cushion pads are very popular in every chocolate factory or shop. It is the ideal separation paper or shockproof bottom in a chocolate box.