White kraft paper or sulphite paper mainly offers an esthetic added value compared to brown kraft paper. An undeniable plus for the textile or food industry.

White kraft papier: ideal for the textile industry

White kraft paper or white sulphite paper is a commonly used paper type in the textile industry. Think about al the times you openend a new custome and you found a white paper inside.

The white color and the one-sided shine gives this paper an esthetic added value compared to the brown kraft paper. White kraft paper is produced chlorine and acid free, this makes it suitable for the food industry. This strong and pure paper type is also available in a brown version.


High quality and tear resistance
One-sided glossy
Chlorine and acid free
100% bleached virgin fibres

Technical specifications

bleached kraft, sulphite kraft
Gram weight
22 gr/m²
30 gr/m²
50 gr/m²
80 gr/m²

Small roles
Sheets or another format on demand.

Food Approved