Kraft paper with PE-coating is a robust paper with vapor and moisture resistant properties. Ideal for use with changing environmental conditions.

Kraft paper with PE-coating: for inside and outside use

Kraft paper with PE-coating is made from a matt or unstriped kraft base with a polyethylene coating on top. The kraft paper absorbs moisture and condensation on the inside, while the outer coating prevents the moisture from penetrating further into the packed products. This treated wrapping paper with polyethylene is therefore extremely suitable for use with changing weather conditions.

This type of paper is often used in export, in particular port or transport industry. This kraft paper with PE layer is ideal for covering pallets, export boxes or for storing goods in humid environments. Due to the PE coating, the environment will not affect the humidity of the packaged goods.

Other versions that are available: creped kraft with PE layer or kraft paper with a PE reinforcement net. The reinforcement net has the additional added value that the paper will not tear during transport. Your products will arrive at their destination stably and without damage.


Resistant against moisture and condensation
Suitable for use in humid environments

Technical specifications

Kraft + PE, brown kraft paper
Gram weight
70 gr/m² + 20 gr/m² PE

Small roles
Sheets or another format on demand.

Food Approved

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